Recruiting Demo Vocalists

United Future Creators Inc. (UFC) is looking for demo vocalists to breathe life into our creators’ music. We want singers who take pride in their work, whether they specialize in one genre or can adapt to more.

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Ensure you have thoroughly read and agreed to the details regarding recruitment before sending your submission through the application form.
*Please include your own name in the vocal file name. (e.g. VocalistName_Title01.mp3)
*We will only contact those individuals who pass the first selection stage. Contact will be made within one month of receiving your submission.

・Vocalists of all ages, genders, and nationalities, both amateur and professional.
・Vocalists who can meet deadlines and other scheduling requirements.
・Candidates who are highly experienced vocalist and can sing in multiple languages are preferred.
・We welcome candidates who work in a home studio.

・Fees are negotiated on a job-by-job basis.
・Note that we are unable to respond to inquiries regarding the judging and selection processes.
・Submissions cannot be accepted by post or through personal delivery to our office.
・Submitters will not be charged any fees during the judging process.
・This request for submissions is not an offer of employment.

Application Form

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*Upload as an .mp3 (max. 20MB)
*If sending multiple files, please compress them into a single ZIP file.

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Regarding personal information

Your personal information and demo file(s) will be used in the selection process only.